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The Patriam Universe has an extremely long and complicated history, filled with millions of artocities commit by trillions of beings. This article will do its best to document the most significant ones.


Forced De-evolution of Homo-Invitians

Homo-Invitian - Auan War

The Homo-Invitian - Auan War was a galactic-spanning war between humanity's genetic ancesters, the Homo-Invitians, and the godlike Auan beings that originally created them. Using the power gifted to them by the Auan through the use of "Auan Tools", the Homo-Invitians were able to wage a brutal and horrific war against their creators, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of trillions of people as entire solar systems were destroyed. The War lasted for over 100,000 years.

End of the Homo-Invitian - Auan War

As the war came to a close the Homo-Invitians seemed victorious over their creators. Due to the very limited number of Auan beings to begin with, what remained of their species fled The Milky Way Galaxy in hopes of surviving. However, in their escape, the Auan used their powers to forcefully de-evolve the vast majority of the Homo-Invitians and destroyed all habitable worlds they existed upon except for one called Aetpeoa (eventually known as Earth). The de-evolved Homo-Invitians became the Homo Habilis species while a tiny handful of Homo-Invitians survived, slowly passing on their DNA structure that allowed them to wield the power of the Auan Tools without consequence.

This forced de-evolution and the destruction of the Homo-Invitians Empire resulted in countless deaths, arguably even higher than the entire war itself and is considered the first major atrocity in The Patriam Universe.

Pre-Unification Era

The Holocaust

The East Asian Population Purge

The Nuclear Bombing of Seoul

The Nuclear Bombing of Los Angeles

The "God's Own Sling" Project

The God's Own Sling Project was a project designed to end The Third World War by The American Federation.

The project was to have an orbital weapon constructed within Earth's atmosphere, capable of firing rods made from a new recently discovered element later known as Unsperin Allium. The rods were fired from an orbital railgun at a target, causing more damage than a thermonuclear bomb minus the radiation. The plan was to use the weapon to destroy The People's Republic of Asia (formerly The People's Republic of China) before The People's Republic of Asia could rebuild a new nuclear arsenal (following the dismantling of the world's nuclear arsenals, an initiative started by The Kosmos Organisation, following the nuclear bombings of Los Angeles and Seoul, in order to not end the world and allow for easier world domination by them).

Upon completion, the weapon was fired at the territory of The People's of Asia and their occupied territories. With just 150 rods the entire nation was destructed to smoldering ash and huge craters, with over 3 billion people dying in the aftermath. The firing of the weapon that was eventually dubbed God's Own Sling after the project is seen as the worst Pre-Unification Era atrocity. However, with The People's Republic of Asia destroyed, The Unified Commonwealth of Nations and The American Federation were able to begin discussions about a unified world government and begin looking to the stars in a seemingly new era of peace.

Early Galactic Colonisation Era

Forced Genetic Manipulation of Colonists

As the new unified world government (under the secret puppethood of The Kosmos Organisation) began to compete with the Ubari and Kashaki supercorporations, colonisation of other planets exploded with colonies popping up everywhere.

In order to populate these colonies, the unified world government began to "conscript" the poverty-stricken people from Earth's Underground Districts and forcing them into these colonies. However, due to the poor quality of these colonies and the already poor-health of the conscripted colonists, many of these colonies found themselves dying out or collapsing due to a lack of citizens. In order to try and solve this issue the unified world government, on the orders of politicians under the control of The Kosmos Organisation, began the forced genetic manipulation of these conscripted colonists.

The colonists were subjected to awful genetic experiments to try and increase the possibility of colonists having good health, adaptability and a higher chance of reproducing. The inhumane and horrific genetic experiments caused the deaths of millions as the ultimate galactic colonist was pursued.

The end result of these vile experiments was a hyper-adaptive, hyper-sexual human capable of reproducing rapidly. These genetically modified humans could give birth after only 3 1/2 months following conception with most woman giving birth to multiple children during a single pregnancy. In the process of this, people who fell under LGBTQ+ were forced into extinction on colonial planets as both their genetic code and minds were forcefully altered and future children of these people not being able to be anything other than cisgender and straight.

As government-sponsored colonies began to find more success than the private ones owned by The Kashaki and The Ubari, both supercorporations adopted the same awful practice, dooming members of the LGBTQ+ community and killing millions more in the process.

Not only did this forced genetic manipulation of these colonists kill millions in the process of getting to their end goal, but it forcefully altered people without their concept, effectively brainwashing them. The Forced Genetic Manipulation of Colonists is seen as the worst non-war related atrocity who's consequences continue far into the Post-Catastrophe Era and beyond, with LGBTQ+ people not reappearing in The Patriam Universe until The Andromeda Expedition reentered the galaxy hundreds of thousands of years after The Great Catastrophe.

It should also be noted that the last of the LGBTQ+ people were members of The Hakkajin Order who fought unsuccessfully to bring down both The Kosmos Organisation and bring and end to the horrific and inhumane genetic experiments.

Great War Era

The Annihilation of the Epidox System

The Crusade of The Righteous Beings

The Use of The "Zeus' Thunderbolt" Superweapon

Post-Catastrophe Era