Patriam Wiki

Major Factions

The (Ubari) Galactic Republic

The Kashaki Authoritative State

The Alnai Republic

Sub-Major Factions

The Planetary National Front

The Kosmos Organisation

The Red Right Hand

The Order of the Hanajei

The Neo-Communist Uprising

The Free People's Rebellion

The Anarchists of Theull

Minor Factions

The Kyom Syndicate

The Thae Syndicate

The Treyamal Federation

The Danjahai Cooperation

The Cult of Helios

The Takji Pirates

Tou's Boys

The Brotherhood of the Stars

The Black Knives

The Abana Syndicate

Daama's Shipwrights

The White Eagles

The Gold Eagles

The Star Collective

The Andromeda Expedition