Patriam Wiki


Human-Virtual Mind Experimentation

In Pursuit of Immortality

Original Designation

Tarros (AI-E34E4D5RT) the Artificial Being

Training and Splicing of Human Genetic Data

Experiments and Digital Mental Deterioration

Happiness and Joy Experiments

Pain and Emotional Experiments

Fear and Anger Experiments

The Great Catastrophe

The Kosmos Organisation

Protocol 9

Destruction of Orbital Facility OF-AI3679087-Y44

Crash into Patriam

Virtual Imprisonment

Continuing Virtual Anger and Fear Experiments

Connection to Security and Mining Automatons

Building a Body

Ending the Virtual Experiments

Rojar of Sarin

Arrival of the Norkinians

Luring Roljar

The Betrayal

Freedom of Mors-Incarnatum

Expansion in Na'Ull

The Surface

Construction of The Fort

Pursuing Roljar

"The Created have Risen"


Thoroth's intevention

The War of the Created

Attacks against Humanity

The War of Humanity

Rally at The Citadel

"We Shall Rise"

The Voyage to Na'Ull

Battle on the Beach

The March Forwards

The Final Battle