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The Beginning of the Rebellion

The Riots

During the thousands of years that the Ubari-Kashaki War raged, many rebellions and separatist/independence movements rose up for a variety of reasons. Most infamously, The Alnai Rebellion. The Alnai Rebellion was the largest and longest surviving rebellion to ever exist. First beginning in the year 4822 on the Ubari-controlled world of Alnai Prime in the Alnai System, the rebellion began as a "General Citizen Riot" following decades of resource shortages, especially food and clean water.

The Red War

Led at first by a "Council of Citizen Leaders", the rebellion was able to vanquish the Ubari military stationed on the planet after a brutal 4 year conflict known as The Red War. During the war, the rebellion was able to capture the Alnai Shipyards where the Alnai Rebellion would later begin manufacturing their own ships and weapons.

The War for The Alnai System

In the coming decades the Alnai Rebellion would battle The Ubari Military in the Alnai system, vying for control over Alnai II and Alnai V, as well as the many different military bases, factories, outposts and shipyards that were either built in orbits, above uninhabited planets and/or within the Alnai Asteroid Belt. 45 Years after the beginning of the rebellion, the entire Alnai System had come under the control of the rebellion. The Council of Citizen Leaders declared The Alnai Republic, forming the First Alnai Senate and holding the Alnai Republic's first public democratic elections since it's inception.

The Later Years

Expansion of The Republic

During the next three centuries The Alnai Republic would expand it's borders into both Ubari and Kashaki territory with many systems willingly joining The Alnai Republic in exchange for freedoms and protection from the two dominating powers of The Milky Way Galaxy. The Alnai Republic regularly accepted refugees from Ubari and Kashaki worlds, many of which would join it's ever-expanding armed forces.

The Battle of Sol

In the year 5240 the Alnai Republic launched an invasion of Earth, the first ever attack since the Kashaki first attacked in the mid 3000s. The Alnai Republic forces were able to forcefully push past the Sol System's outer defences before launching large-scale invasions of the majority of the system's planetary bodies. Mars, which had been terraformed centuries earlier, was bombarded from orbit due to it's significance as the Headquarters of the Ubari Military High Command, as well as where the shadowy Kosmos Organisation met. Many of the cities and industrial complexes of Mars were obliterated, however the Alnai Republic forces took heavily casualties from both the Ubari Navy as well as from Ground and Orbital defences. Earth did also come under siege, however it's many planetary shield generators and mass arrays of ground defences meant that little damage was done to the Ubari's Crown jewel.

The Old World Uprising

Disgruntled citizens living in Earth's underground "Old World" rose up in support of the Alnai Republic, able to disable a few of Earth's planetary shield generators and defences which allowed Alnai forces to both bombard and then land in certain areas. Fighting was extremely fierce in the Urban-Utopia Sprawl that now dominated the entire surface of the planet, as well as smaller clashes in the underground. As more forces from across the Ubari Galactic Republic arrived to reclaim their capital system, the Alnai forces were forced to withdraw from the Sol System. Many Alnai soldiers and automatons were left in the Sol System, especially on Earth, to continue the fight for as long as possible and inflict as much damage as possible.

The End of The Battle of Sol

After a month more of pocketed fighting, the last of the Alnai Republic forces were captured and executed on Earth, although the numbers of killed Alnai Republic troops differed significantly less than what was originally on planet, leading some to speculate that many of the Alnai soldiers fled into Earth's Underground, aiding resistance movements on planet against the Ubari's extremely wealthy and corrupt Elite that lived above.

The Final Years

The Alnai Republic would continue it's fight for freedom across the galaxy until The Great Catastrophe when almost all life was wiped out across the galaxy in the year 7843, over two thousand years after The Alnai Rebellion first began.