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In the beginning The Auan created the galaxy.

The Auan were a race of highly intelligent, omnipotent, and omniscient beings who could create and destroy matter on a whim. Obsessed with the observation of life and the universe, they created many distinct species and worlds across their new galaxy, most were unsuccessful. Dying off quickly or advancing just enough to be able to destroy themselves. However, one species seemed to thrive. Given the name Invitians by the Auan, Prehistory-Humans were the product of a study of natural evolution by the Auan in order to obtain knowledge and understanding of their own origin. The early success of humanity led the Auan to directly interact with them, causing myths and legends of gods to arise. As Humanity grew into a strong and prosperous race, spreading out across the stars, the Auan granted humanity "tools" which were a way for humans to have limited powers that the Auan naturally possessed. These tools were originally designed to help humanity build colonies and thrive on new worlds; some tools possessed offensive capabilities to be used against alien threats on these new worlds. Those who wielded tools and their descendants would have their DNA and genetic makeup altered in order to be compatible with said tools. In early modern times these kinds of people were dubbed H-DATs by researchers and were known to be shining pillars of humanity. Great leaders such as Julius Caesar, King Arthur, George Washington, Genghis Khan, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Maui, Alexander the Great and many more were of H-DAT genetic makeup. However, with these great gifts, humanity became corrupted. They saw themselves as the “New Gods,” desiring to overthrow the Auan and take their place among the Cosmos. To fulfil this goal, Humanity used the tools against the Auan, beginning the Invitian-Auan War. This war of incredible power raged across Humanity’s Empire as the Auan fought against their corrupted creations. Humanity was cunning and using the power of the tools, they were able to massacre thousands of Auan, forcing what remained of their species to flee the Milky Way Galaxy. However, Humanity had achieved no victory. As a final act against their corrupted creations, the Auan forcibly devolved almost all Invitians, who now only remained on the world of Teaenon, into what are now known as Neanderthals in an extremely painful and violent use of their abilities. Teaenon had been the original home of the Invitians, now the planet is known as Earth. The few Invitians who survived this conflict and the devolution event gradually lost their ancient history as they struggled to survive on a desolated planet, with the Auan tools seemingly lost forever, waiting to be uncovered millennia later where only H-DATs would have the ability to wield such tools again. These prehistoric humans were dubbed Homo Invitians and were precursors to Homo Sapiens who bred with the devolved Neanderthals. Many famous leaders and intellectuals are of H-DAT DNA and used Auan tools to become the legendary figures that they are now known as today. King Arthur's Sword is an example Auan tool. This tool, known as The Sword of Knowledge, was also used by Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan and of course, King Arthur. The sword was uncovered in England a few decades before the protestant reformation, catholic agents took the sword to the Pope, and it remained in Papal Possession until the collapse of Christianity in 2144 where the Papal Archives were raided and an organisation known as Kosmos seized the sword, along with other artefacts and tools relating to the Auan. The Great Greek philosophers and thinkers, Plato, and Socrates, also had a tool that granted them superior thought which led to their famous philosophical ideals. This tool, known as The Staff of Athena, was thrown into the middle of the Mediterranean by Plato near the end of his life and was not recovered until the late 2070s by Kosmos. A third Auan Tool was used by Maui, the Polynesian/Maori explorer, who used the tool to help him navigate the Pacific Ocean. Travelling from his homeland to places across the pacific, including Indonesia, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Baja California and more, spreading small parts of Polynesian culture to these areas as well as allowing for animals and planets, such as the sweet potato, to migrate across the Pacific. Maui died in New Zealand and was buried with the tool, known as Maui’s Staff, at the bottom of Lake Taupo. The staff was recovered by Kosmos in the early 2010s

1920s - 1940s

World War Two was not going to be like any conflict ever seen before. Adolf Hitler, an Austrian agent of a secretive order known as The Hanajei (which formed to keep tools out of the possession of humanity), had taken an Auan tool known as The Cup of Immortal Being (also known as The Holy Grail in Christianity), which was said to grant immortality to the user, after being influenced and driven mad by a secretive society that would eventually become The Kosmos Organisation. Hitler, not being of H-DAT descent, was driven mad by the tool's influence while his body began to rapidly deteriorate as his DNA structure began to collapse. He hoped to become A New God, the immortal ruler of the entire world. In his attempts, Hitler abandoned his cover as a failing art student (given to him by The Hanajei) and worked on becoming the leader of Germany, as he saw his home of Austria as too weak to begin his quest of world domination. His plans would ultimately fail as he was driven further into madness, while the Hanajei worked with Allied intelligence agencies and resistance movements to undermine Hitler’s regime. As the tool began to further deteriorate Hitler, German leadership, concerned with Hitler’s mental and physical state, attempted to kill him as Allied forces advanced on Berlin. Upon shooting Hitler in the back of the head, the room was engulfed in an explosion of purple fire, reportedly incinerating everyone inside and seemingly destroying The Cup of Immortal Being. However, Hitler and those who were inside the room and the Cup of Immortal Being, were instead transported to the planet of Alkaidron IV where all but Hitler died within the first few months. Despite a lack of food and constant attack and mutilation by alien predators, Hitler continued to live for over 350 years due to the power of The Cup of the Immortal Being, albeit severely deformed and in constant excruciating pain. Alkaidron IV would eventually be destroyed for an unknown reason, leaving The Cup of the Immortal Being to be collected by The Kosmos Organisation to retrieve it thousands of years later.

1950s - 2012

Investigations into strange rumours of powerful ancient weapons and tools began, fuelled by Hitler’s use of The Cup of The Immortal Being. The Allied Powers (par the Soviet Union), created The Kosmos Organisation, designed to investigate and document matters such as this. Their duties included collecting any information, artefacts (and later tools) as well as keeping all such things out of the hands of the Soviet Union, for fear that the Soviets would use ancient secrets to destroy the west and install a New Communist World Order. The newly founded Kosmos Organisation quickly began a campaign of obtaining Auan artefacts and tools in 1946, storing them securely and secretly in secret facilities across the world. As the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union dragged on, Kosmos used the opportunity to become increasingly secretive from their founding nations, appearing defunct and keeping their findings secret. By the early 1990s, following mounting pressure, President George H. W. Bush officially disbanded what seemingly remained of The Kosmos Organisation. Some of its public members were moved to the FBI or CIA, while others disappeared completely from records. After completely erasing themselves from history, The Kosmos Organisation worked on becoming a secretive and shadowy organisation that not even the craziest conspiracy theorists could imagine. The Kosmos Organisation and The Hanajei would enter a state of secretive war over the control of Auan tools with Kosmos wanting to use the tools to create a New World Order, while The Hanajei hoped to keep humanity uncorrupted from the tools, as they knew H-DATs were extremely rare and if someone who was not of H-DAT genetics were to obtain a tool it would spell mass extinction for all humanity. The conflict continued up until 2010 when Kosmos began building a massive complex deep within the Amazon Jungle, after portraying themselves as a logging company to Brazilian Authorities. Their members in high positions around the world interfered with satellite imagery in order to hide their business from the world. By this time, The Hanajei had been brought to the brink of extinction, as they could not hope to match the innovative technology that Kosmos had access to in the Modern Era. In a final effort, they alerted people across the world through the internet about what was happening in the Amazon. Kosmos did their best to censor as much of it as possible, with many passing it off as a strange conspiracy theory or copypasta. However, it was enough to get multiple teams of journalists and interested groups to travel to the Amazon and try to find this mysterious complex. Reports then began to show up of journalists going missing into the Amazon forests, and then entire rescue teams following that. In early 2012 a joint American-British research team of journalists, ex-soldiers and Amazon specialists, travelled to Brazil and put an end to the mystery. In an attempt to make sure their journey couldn’t be faked and that authorities would be notified if something went wrong, the group livestreamed their journey right from the start. On the 32nd day of their expedition they noted what sounded like distant machinery, figuring that it may be some illegal loggers nearby as they were unfortunately common in the Amazon. Not long after announcing these noises, shouts could be heard, and the team was attacked. One of the cameramen, who was livestreaming, sprinted through the jungle and came out into what can only be described as a giant dug out metal disc stretching kilometres across with a single rectangular spire in the middle. The disc and spire were made from a strange completely black metal and had alien-like glowing carvings and lines in red, orange, and blue, with not a single tree in sight. The livestream almost immediately cut out upon this discovery as Kosmos jammers in the area kicked in. The entire team was killed by Kosmos agents and their bodies destroyed. Shortly afterwards a 9.9 magnitude Earthquake centred at the centre of the site which Kosmos had named "The Guardian Complex" struck, causing huge damage and natural disasters which resulted in the deaths of over 22.8 Million people directly and over 185 million injured. It was, and still is, the largest natural disaster in the history of humanity.

Post Guardian Disaster

The world was caught up in the disaster. The missing research and rescue teams were categorized as killed by natural forces in the region, and almost all references of the livestream were erased or discredited. During the 2010s, Kosmos had also taken control of two Japanese-based weapon manufacturers, Ubari Arms ltd and Kashaki Weaponry ltd. These two weapon manufacturers would become vital to Kosmos's goal of domination. After the Guardian Disaster, many nations began to organise into larger states. Beginning first with The CANZUK Alliance (which would eventually evolve to become The Unified Commonwealth of Nations) and soon afterwards The People's Republic of China was able to from The People's Republic of Asia, after fighting many regional wars and subverting neighbouring foreign governments into joining the new chinese superstate in South East and Central Asia.

Finally, over 120 years after the formation of The Unified Commonwealth of Nations (UNC) and The People's Republic of Asia (PRA), the American continent began to unify. The unification process began with the formation of a new Central American superstate.

The Beginning of the End.

The Ubari and Kashaki arms manufacturers had become extremely influential in the new united government, so much so they even began to corrupt members of Kosmos and had already begun funding their own private colonies... at a rate faster than the previous governments and the new world government could. These private colonies usually had better conditions than government colonies and as such, people flocked to them, making them even more prosperous than before. This would eventually lead to a colonial race between the two and by 3200 the majority of the galaxy had been colonised in an incredible feat of human greed, work, effort and commitment. Then, in 3381 the Kashaki declared independence from the world government, which had also become known as The Central Government, The Terran Government, The Capital Government, and/or The Government of Earth, declaring themselves to be the new Kashaki Galactic Authority. This allowed the Ubari to take complete control over Earth and, under the guise of being The Central Government, declared the Kashaki and their colonies traitors to the Republic and declared war. Beginning the Ubari-Kashaki War, which would later become known as The Great War.

The Great War

From 3381 onwards, the war raged. The galaxy was thrown in turmoil, as the fires and chaos of war had engulfed everything. Trillions of people would die in the bloody, violent, and ultimately pointless war. Entire worlds were glassed, tens of trillions were subjugated, butchered and enslaved. Galactic trade and free movement began to break down as the planets and systems began to cede from the Ubari and Kashaki to either become independent or join forces with the ever-growing Alnai Republic. The colossal fleets of these three warring parties would clash across the stars for almost four thousand years. But then, the calamity. A weapon unlike any seen before, created by Heinrich Undabaar, the leading weapons scientist of the Ubari Galactic Republic. This weapon could target any atom in the galaxy, and obliterate it using a powerful laser. Although this laser would disintegrate any other atoms in its path. Built in the orbit of Earth the weapon dubbed “Zeus’s Thunderbolt,” it was able to decimate any Kashaki targets at a moment's notice, taking thirty seconds to charge and fire, the orbital weapon used experimental wormhole generation technology to open a wormhole and fire huge amounts of concentrated directed plasma energy, instantly obliterating anything within the galaxy that the Ubari so desired. However, Heinrich Undabaar refused to allow the Ubari to use the weapon, stating that if it were to be used there was a chance the weapon could annihilate everything in the galaxy. Disassembling the very fabric of reality. But the Ubari were losing the war, and as the forces of The Alnai Republic laid siege to their home system of Sol, Heinrich was arrested for high treason and was due to stand trial but died when an explosion destroyed the Galactic Capital Court on Earth, in what the Ubari described as a terrorist attack by Pro-Alnai forces in league with Kashaki agents. The Ubari now had full control over the weapon. They decided to first target the Kashaki home planet of Idai, before moving to the second target of Alnai, capital of the rebellious Alnai Republic. Although the weapon was not properly calibrated and the Ubari could not weapon correctly as Heinrich had died with the knowledge of how to safely fire the weapon but could not bring himself to end the lives of so many and only wanted to use the weapon as a deterrent. The weapon fired. For a moment, the galaxy was illuminated as trillions of wormholes leaked concentrated directed plasma across the galaxy. The beautiful sight was spectacular, however the weapon imploded and the blast instantly glassed Earth and the surrounding celestial bodies, causing the sun to be turned into a supernova. The energy released from this event flipped planetary magnetic fields, broke apart planets and stars, glassed entire solar systems, and destroyed all electrical equipment. Intelligent AI, supercomputers, to everyday technology, thousands of years of knowledge, extinguished in and instant. Ending all of civilisation in the year 7843

The End of Civilisation

The galaxy fell silent, life ceased to exist. It became cold, dark, and desolate. A place of barren, and ruined planets, some now covered in magma, forever uninhabitable again. Some broke apart, their pieces flying into other planets. But one survived. Patriam. On the far outskirts of the galaxy this remote research planet had had its poles flipped, caused by the huge release of energy from the weapon which broke apart the supercontinent of Pax-Patriamus, turning it into the world it is now. Very few humans survived, those that did had nothing. No technology, everything was destroyed. Thousands of years passed while Patriam endured a stone-age like period. Until finally, over 30 thousand years later, civilisation began to exist once more on the mythical land of Argonia…