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The Rangers of Patriam are a vigilante organisation dedicated to the protection of all people of Patriam.


The Rangers of Patriam, during times of great conflict, will act as guards-for-hire, mercenaries or volunteer soldiers and peacekeepers against a force they deem "destructive or tyrannical".

The Rangers are known to live in small nomadic communes in rural areas, living off the land and using any money they gain to buy clothing, equipment and transport. The Rangers of Patriam operate solely within Inner Patriam, having no presence outside of the Great Mountains that surround the lands of Inner Patriam with people usually being able to find a Ranger can in and around most major cities.

Renown and History

The Rangers are renowned for finding lost travelers and adventurers in the wilderness and guiding them back to civilisation, some believe that The Rangers of Patriam have ties to nature-worshipping religions which allow them to better communicate with nature and aid them in tracking down those who need their aid within the wild.

During The Great War, The Rangers of Patriam worked to disrupt Ketanite shipments of weapons while fighting against both The Empire of Pacis, The Akarian Empire and The Norkinian Empire, they were most often seen fighting alongside the soldiers of the Kingdoms within Southern Kallonia during the war, aiding in many independence and succession movements throughout the region.

Most recently, during The Norkinian Succession Crisis, The Rangers of Patriam have worked to get refugees out of the war-ravaged state and into safehavens such as some of the Norkinian Colonies in Northern Kallonia, Aungmar and Watol, as well as The Third Federation of Aeloen. There are also rumours of a "Rouge Ranger", a shadow seeking vengence against those who wrong him. While some point to ties with the in-exile Bjarn IV of The Norkinian Empire, many believe this Rogue Ranger to be nothing more than an urban legend. However, in the chaotic times of The Norkinian Succession Crisis, the lines between truth and fantasy can become blurred.