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The Third Federation is a Militarist Nation based on a General with their fleet, working on missions, investigations and resource gathering.


The religion consists of different scrolls in which it is described that the world was created by the power of the five great dragon gods. (Unfortunately, these names have not been handed down.)

Culture: Their culture is described and as being believed that there were wyverns, long before humanity has arrived.

Giving them a challange to succseed on the New World. Their defence is the most focused and innovative part of their culture.

Governmnent Style

A Military'ish government, ruled by a general (They call themselfs, "The Sixth Fleet") The current Head of State, or General in that sense is, Mavel van Burgeen.

Architecture Style

A mix between Nordic Woodworks and European Houseworks. To put it simply, more wood, less stone.


The history of the nation dates back to the year XXXX. This began when the great general came across something interesting. It was already reported by other peoples that there would be a continent with mythical creatures. These creatures were then also called Wyvern.

The general had set himself the goal to accompany his people into the future and to support them at every step. He referred to a sapphire shining star in the sky, which even in the darkest night would show the people the way.

When the idea of founding the nation came up, the Great General had big plans.

Other Facts

  • The Federation took Norkinian Refugees while the Civilwar happened