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The Vurkian Urakaol

The Vurkian Urakaol is genus of large lizard-like creatures. The species, Vurkian Urakaol, is the only living relative of the Tyrannovurkidae Family and Tyrannovurkinae Subfamily.

Fossils and skeletal remains of other species of Urakaol do exist across all of Patriam, with the so-called and extinct Wurtumese Urakaol reportedly possessing a set of wings which would have allowed them to glide through Wurtum's many sharp valleys and across its sprawling forests and wetlands. However, now only the Vurkian varient of the Urakaol remains.

The Vurkian Urkaol thrives in the inhospitable basalt plains of The Vurkia Archipelago where most other life would perish. The Vurkian Urakaol is able to feed off of anything living on the island, as well as a "chemical soup" of sorts which is created in inland pools of water due to the minerals released by the volcanic activity on The Vurkia Archipelago. The Vurkian Urakaol, similar to fish, possess a series of gill-like slits that can be exposed under the Vurkian Urakaol's exoskeleton when it goes swimming, allowing the Urakaol to collect oxygen and breathe in an otherwise suffocating land.

The Vurkian Urakaol has an extremely tough exoskeleton that even the sharpest and strongest of metals are unable to even scratch, providing both protection from falling volcanic rocks and would-be hunters alike. The spikes running along its back and tail are razor sharp and of that same exoskeleton, making it a formidable offensive and defensive weapon.